Update log
Version date :27.11.2023

1. Overall system optimization.

2.Added accessory functionality for front and rear radar.

3.Updated DVR, adding ADAS prompt volume settings.

4.Updated Teyes radio, optimizing DVR warning prompt interruptions to music.

5.Voice control software now supports opening 2GIS.

Update log
Version date :27.09.2023

1. System optimization.

2.WiFi optimization.

3.Bluetooth optimization.

4.Gesture recognition optimization.

Update log
Version date :11.09.2023

1.Added OTA update functionality.

2.Optimized WiFi and Bluetooth.

3.Optimized the system.

Update log
Version date :04.07.2023

1.Optimized Bluetooth and service software

2.Optimized the EQ software

3.Optimized the system

4.Updated CANBUS software